A rare bird on Slate and Nature’s Window feeder

Leucistic chaffinch 1

Already for months we see this lovely bird on our natural & recycled slate window feeder. Only recently we discovered it is a very rare Leucistic female Chaffinch (she simply missed the paint booth!). Every morning, after I filled all our window feeders, she comes to enjoy our (robin) bird food. As a ‘non-plastic’ feeder it is designed that you see the full body of the visiting bird, the seed floor is under an angle with an opening in end that water with automatically drained, meaning that your food will be fully eaten (doesn’t become mouldy and no remains attracting vermin). Made from natural slate, you’ll never have to clean the feeder; only twice yearly to check that the water drainage is still working. Easy installed (pushing the bone dry/clean sucker) against the glass and shortly after you can enjoy your feathered friends. Our first one made, roughly 10 years ago, has never come off, despite all weathers & seasons. Today there are close to 5000 other places where this feeder is enjoyed, from Northumberland, the whole of UK, and all other continents from, EU, America, Australia & New Zealand to even Japan.

Leucustic chaffinch 2

Doggy bag holder

dot and bag

Avoid smelly & spattering surprises while strimming your grass.
This Doggy p. bag holder is becoming more and more popular. When Dot wants to go for her walk we trained her to ask for her own doggy bag! Next to your back door, you will never forget a bag. Or along the road for every visiting dog owner to use. The bags costs you only a quarter of a pence each!
The holder can be engraved with your dog’s name, house name, …….. and costs £ 44.-.

 doggy nat park as picas picture

Enjoying the Dark Skies; the Zodiac Lamp

Dark Sky Designation! S&N is situated in a fortunate dark sky area. We love our diamond stars and like to ‘translate them into our live at earth’. Sometimes it can be cloudy and we still would like to enjoy a ‘sparkling’ sky line; hence I made a ‘universe’ lamp’, the Zodiac, showing the 12 constellations we can observe over the months of the year. 1 zodiac full view pictureThe lamp is divided in three parts (a 360 degrees skyline) 4 copyThe elliptic table has the shape of Earth’s orbit travel (according to Keppler) around the sun (center = the pole of driftwood) during each calendar year. 3 table sectionOn the table edge each (your) month is engraved; starting at your month, edge, follow your line to the sun (the pole), through sky viewing or looking up (at bottom of the lamp) you will find your star sign (zodiac constellation) on the lamp. Also on the table the equinox & solstice and the sun/earth distance (aphelium & perihelium) is engraved as also the seasons are indicated to explain our relation to Nature & the Universe. When you are interested in stargazing, visiting the Kielder Observatory have a look at our special Zodiac Sculpture less than 10 miles at our riverside studio  in West Woodburn, Northumberland.