Help the House Sparrows

This is our latest product; Gerard has just finished it and we are very excited about it!
It is a triple box for the House sparrow.
There is a substantial decline in house sparrows both in rural and urban population. The House Sparrow, or Passer domesticus, used to be so abundant in the UK that we did everything we could to get rid of them. In the early ’90 scientist first noticed the populations declining, and urban areas were the worst hit. There are now thought to be 10 million less house sparrows in the UK than there were 25 years ago. The blame has been pointed at everything from cats to air pollution, but recent research suggests two factors are having the most impact.                               Insects are a vital food source for sparrows, especially in the spring and summer when they are feeding their young. Studies suggest that a decline in insects is resulting in house sparrow chicks being in poor condition. The lack of insects is most probably down to urbanisation of our green spaces.                                                                                               Another  reason is the lack of nest sites. Help nesting house sparrows out by putting up nest boxes for them near the eaves of your house. One nest box is unlikely to be enough for colonial nesting so put a few up side by  side or Gerard’s specially designed & made triple House Sparrow box. House sparrows are sociable birds and like to nest in large numbers, that’s why we made this triple box, all made of reclaimed (British) slate. The price is £ 49.-. Put your nest boxes over 2m above ground on north to east sides of your house to avoid the hottest sun and coldest winds. 

On the first picture Gerard is making the drawings, secondly he made a prototype from carton, a very serious business!, then the cutting phase and finally the finished product. Now we only need some lodgers.             (from BBC Nature features)