Hexham Courant; S&N shortlisted for NE Sustainable Tourism Award



‘Top tourist attractions put the regional spotlight on Tynedale, West Woodburn’s garden craft business, Slate and Nature, set up by Dutch couple Gerard and Jeanette van der Veen, has been nominated for the sustainable tourism award …………                                    Gerard said their nomination was a real tribute to his and his wife’s small business. We are thrilled to showcase Slate and Nature’s sustainability as we enjoy re-using the earth’s oldest material without leaving a footprint behind ………..’

You can read the whole article in this week’s Hexham Courant or just click on the picture above.

One thought on “Hexham Courant; S&N shortlisted for NE Sustainable Tourism Award

  1. I’ve only just seen this, guys! A belated congratulations and you MUST let the world know. You can always post on my business page – are you on YouTube, Instagram and have you, appropriately, twittered about your achievements? If you have, please do excuse! Hope you are both well in what is likely to be unseasonably warm Northumberland. Best wishes, Ingrid

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