Fabulous Eating Festival in Hexham

Slate & Nature was given quite a prominent position in the park of Hexham. Directly at the entrance opposite the Queens Hall between two gracefully old trees we were allowed to put up our marquee. As usual with a lot of outdoor products we could show the ‘blending into the green surroundings of the park’ of our feeders and bird boxes. Underneath the improved/new fat ball holder.

The Festival was excellent organized with friendly helpers everywhere, all assisted by enormous sunshine with a wonderful Indian Summer high temperature. A combination that drew a lot of people into the centre of the town, creating a buzzing atmosphere. Activities and stalls started from the old Market Place, passed the Abbey towards the Park; from organic food stalls to several good music groups, entertaining for young and old to craft stalls and a great graceful display of old and classic cars. All locally sourced, made and maintained; something to be proud off.

At our stand we received lots of people, early already a busload from Sussex, touring through Northumberland with the next stop in Alnwick; quickly the stock of fat ball holders & window feeders we took was decimated as coming back was not an option, suggestion as “I can also send it….” was not an option; I want to have it now!

Park activities around us were great; pressing apple juice; not only instructive but also delicious in taste. Bottles weren’t for sale, but I was allowed to come back a second time! The artichoke wine; good but beware of getting tipsy after too many! For the more energetic visitors under us it was possible to make your own fruit juice on a bicycle. Other craft people were there; unfortunately it is impossible to mention them all, but worth mentioning and springs to mind is David Lawson Ceramics, ‘functional and beautiful’ (see also www.davidlawsonceramics.com).

All photo’s were kindly taken by Sue Chapman (from the community partnership); thank you!

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