Wow; Hexham Christmas Fair was Excellent!!

What a beautiful day it was; the Hexham Christmas Fair 2012.

All elements were great; first the organisation -the Hexham community partnership- worked hard, like clockwork and very friendly (starting from 05.00 AM! till very late), weather-wintery cool (not cold!), perfect clear and even bits of sun shine, people came in huge numbers and were in a happy pre-Christmas mood (meaning prepared to spend). Last, but certainly not least the stand holders -a cool bunch with a variation offering every visitor something; from cheap to expensive, lots to eat & drink, from handmade to brand related; for young to old. All in all, a ‘lovely day’; something to remember, and to look forward to next year.

For Slate & Nature it was also good, with much appreciation for our fat-ball holder, window feeder etc.; the birds will love them and pleased to use them in the coming year!

Thanks to everybody for this wonderful day, Jeanette & Gerard from S&N.

This great picture © was taken by Nonny Bakens, our Dutch friend & photographer for S&N, 2012.

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