Upcoming fairs

Saturday & Sunday the 24th/25th of September 2016 we will be at the Malvern Autumn show.


If you are living in the Scottish Borders, come and see us at our first Christmas Fair of the season; Presents Galore, Kelso (Springwood Park/Border Union Showground) on Monday evening the 3rd of October 6-8.30pm and Tuesday 4th October 10am-3.30pm.

Due to the overwhelming reactions we received after being featured in Escape to the Country (series 17/4), we don’t have any stock left in the studio and although there will be somebody at home, the studio will be closed till we return.

Slate & Nature on BBC1 in Escape to the Country!

Proudly we can saySlate & Nature will be featured, for 2-3 minutes, in the program Escape to the Countryon Wednesday the 14th September, 3 PM (or 15.00hrs GWMT) on BBC1.

escape 1Sorry we don’t know yet what to expect, but we liked the shooting; it was fun. Amazing what the crew & participants were doing. Gerard is not a ‘natural’ actor as he couldn’t keep his story-line constant. Every-time something new ‘popped-op’ driving the crew crazy, but they kept friendly and just said, ‘again, but now….’ Now it appears that (software) editing is mighty professional and it was possible to stitch something together; lets keep our finger crossed…. tbc..escape 2