Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air, the birds are getting ‘musical’ and when the temperature will rise a little, it will be booming & busy! If you haven’t already done it, this is the time to clean your bird boxes. If you have one of our ‘sliding’ boxes, it is a very easy process to do; first untwist/remove the wire at the back, secondly slide the bottom out (to the front, or to the rear, just feel what is easier). It is possible that some off the nesting material is a little sticking to the bottom; don’t worry just push a little harder or you can ‘pry’ a long¬†¬†flat (bread-)knife over the bottom section (separating the nesting material from the slate). Sometimes the nest stays in the box; just take it all out. Our birds are genuine crafters in building their houses! Be surprised in the materials you recognize they apply; from magazine snippets, plastic wires you were missing, to their own feathers as inner lining, making the box cosy & snug for the young ones. You can wash it out with some fresh water, but it is not really needed and please NEVER use any soap or detergents! After sliding back the bottom, re-wire it, the box is ready to receive its new lodgers again! Any Questions?, drop us a line!









As you can see on these pictures, there can be little larvae, small insects in the old nest, so this could be a reason to clean the boxes.

This lovely picture we received from Betsy in Texas!