Christmas Wishes!

This year we met so many nice and supportive people either on markets, fairs or in our studio and we would like to thank you all!

We (Gerard & Jeanette + Dotje) want to wish all our customers & friends a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

We hope to see you back in 2013 and remember the coffee & tea (refreshment) is ready; as some of you know, we are a bit out (but love it) in the country side. Kids, dogs, muddy boots, bikers & cyclists are welcome!!


Elmo admires our plant pot

This picture we received from Hans who lives in the Netherlands (yes we do international mailing orders); not only his wife Sabine loves our plant pot, but also Elmo, their (new) 10 weeks old four legged family member, seems to admire it! It could be the plant, the pot or perhaps both he had to frown his forehead for. We were pleased to see that it was not given the more ‘usual (one leg up) welcoming of this garden product. And if he is not doing it straight away, no other doggy friends will do it immediately after. But for that we have to keep our fingers crossed. We’ll keep you posted.

Wow; Hexham Christmas Fair was Excellent!!

What a beautiful day it was; the Hexham Christmas Fair 2012.

All elements were great; first the organisation -the Hexham community partnership- worked hard, like clockwork and very friendly (starting from 05.00 AM! till very late), weather-wintery cool (not cold!), perfect clear and even bits of sun shine, people came in huge numbers and were in a happy pre-Christmas mood (meaning prepared to spend). Last, but certainly not least the stand holders -a cool bunch with a variation offering every visitor something; from cheap to expensive, lots to eat & drink, from handmade to brand related; for young to old. All in all, a ‘lovely day’; something to remember, and to look forward to next year.

For Slate & Nature it was also good, with much appreciation for our fat-ball holder, window feeder etc.; the birds will love them and pleased to use them in the coming year!

Thanks to everybody for this wonderful day, Jeanette & Gerard from S&N.

This great picture © was taken by Nonny Bakens, our Dutch friend & photographer for S&N, 2012.

Slate & Nature studio extend Open Days

Just to update our customers and friends. (This coming) Saturday the 8th of December Slate & Nature will be at the Hexham Christmas Fair (Beaumont street).

Being a small producer and the unprecedented demand made that we had to fight the elements to satisfy our customers. Winter has made its entry and with constant temperatures below zero, the workshop is still freezing. Stored slate was quickly used up meaning that outside slate needed to be picked, which was only possible in big blocks including the surrounding frozen garden. First this had to be defrosted with boiling water before Gerard could ‘write’ on them or finally to cut them up. At the moment we continued in ‘night shifting’ the work, to be sure that enough products will be available again at the coming Fair.

We will also be open in the run up to Christmas, whilst Gerard is finishing off all pre- Christmas orders. Coming Sunday the 9th and next week Saturday+Sunday, the 15th/16th December, we will be open. Other days we will also be open, but please ring us first (01434 270331); we also have to do our Christmas shopping and try to avoid you coming at a closed door after going this seasonal weather. We enjoy also to receive you and offer you a coffee/tea or a delicious ‘seasonal treat’!

Come and enjoy our Dutch Chocolates as it is the time to try them out.


Additional info: Mary Ann Rogers her studio will also be open these weekends.                                    Leam Studio, West Woodburn, Northumberland NE48 2SE                                                  t: 01434 270216  e: